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        Thailand Zhiyuan, has been committed to advanced logistics technology


        Customer support is the driving force for us

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        Cooperative partner


        Understand the latest development trend of the industry

        Beijing Taihua Zhiyuan Automation Engineering Co. Ltd. is committed to logistics equipment, logistics equipment, navigation control system; driving system; research and development project related ancillary equipment.

        Company profile

        Beijing Taihua Zhiyuan self Engineering Co. Ltd. is to provide an intelligent warehouse logistics system solutions and products of high-tech enterprises, the company all staff is engaged in AGV years of industry elite, in the country with 6 branches and offices, two production factories and a System Development Corp. Thailand is committed to intelligent...... View more

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        Beijing Taihua Zhiyuan Automation Engineering Co. Ltd.
        Address:Beijing, Zhongguancun Tongzhou District science and Technology Park, Tongzhou Park light mechanical and electrical integration industrial base, No. 2, government road
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